Coriander is a popular spice made from the seeds of Cilantro. As a culinary essential, its use dates back to the early biblical times. Famous for its aroma and a musky scent with a lemony undertone, Coriander’s flavour is impacted by the process of preparation.

Coriander offers several health benefits to the human body due to its high nutritional composition. As a result, the demand for Coriander usually outweighs its supply.

Coriander is used extensively as a garnish and condiment. We have supplied it for over 25 years. Being a spice that the method of preparation affects, we follow detailed processes to make sure that its quality is consistent.

The seeds of Cilantro are carefully sorted for the highest quality possible, a confirmation of its value. We keep a sustainable business relationship with suppliers around the world. We provide every time delivery with the same quality, and that forms the basis for which the number of our clients from time to time.